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Pipe lining, or pipe relining, is a way to restore the function and water flow of a pipe by creating a “pipe within a pipe.” Since it’s the inner wall of the pipe that directly affects water flow, we simply mold the inside of the existing pipes to repair the damage. Our team of trained technicians can access your exterior pipe using a couple of different options. They can excavate or utilize an access such as a cleanout to gain entry to reline the pipe. We use a variety of liners and epoxy to give us the ability to reline pipes from 2” up to 9” in size. We can do short liners of just a foot long up to a liner that’s several hundred feet long! At Lanz, we like to start by cleaning and hydro jetting the old pipes to get them clean and ready for lining. Then our certified crews will measure and prepare the liner, use an inversion process to install and then cure it out to give your old pipes new life. What about the connections between pipes? At Lanz, we have robotic and manual reinstatement machines to open up connections that we line thru, so no need to worry about sealing off any connections. We have the tools to reopen them!

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