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The Importance of Getting a Camera Inspection for Your Pipes

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All About Sewer Camera Inspections

The last thing anyone wants to do is pay for a sewer repair they don't need, or have a misconception that a major problem is going to be a simple fix. With camera inspections, there isn't any guesswork. 

Today we're walking through everything you need to know about camera inspections: how they work, why they're important, and how you can schedule yours. 

Understanding Sewer Camera Inspections

How do sewer camera inspections work?

To assess sewer lines, we use specialized sewer cameras. These come in multiple different sizes, from the size of a pencil all the way up to a remote-controlled crawler that we can drive down big pipes. We can televise the sewers and the drain lines to find out what's wrong with them and then offer the right solutions to the customer. 

A camera inspection lets the customer physically see what's going on in their property's pipes. They can see if there is a hole or tree root intrusion, for example. Camera inspections offer physical proof of what's happening anywhere in the line. If we can get a camera to it then we can see it and electronically locate it.

We can find the sewer line, whether it's out in the road or in the yard, and show them the problem that we see on the camera. Then we can offer the correct solutions. 

The Importance of Sewer Camera Inspections

Why is getting that camera inspection so important?

Camera inspections give customers validation before they spend money. Water line repairs, sewer repairs, and drain line repairs require specialized technicians and can be expensive. If customers are going to be spending their hard-earned money on repairs, it's important that they see the problem.

At Lanz, Inc., we show customers the issue on the camera so they understand exactly what is happening and where in the sewer or drain lines. Then, they can understand their options and have the evidence to support spending money on repairs. 

Innovative Solutions for Sewer Repairs

What are some options for sewer repairs?

Many home and business owners imagine sewer repair as getting their yards dug up and trenching the entire length of the pipe to replace it. Lanz, Inc. offers many innovative options that are more convenient than many people picture.

  • Traditional Excavation and Repair: We have three of four different-sized excavators—ranging from very small to very large—to handle any size job.
  • Trenchless Solutions: Trenchless repair is a more innovative solution that minimizes disruption and downtime. Our teams does an internal spot liner in the sewer line—like a stent for a blood vessel—and seal up the hole that might be under the house, driveway, or road. Most times, trenchless repairs are done much faster and cleaner than traditional excavation and repair.

We can also reline, which is like putting a sleeve in the sewer line. We can reline the entire sewer line from the house to the city main. You won't have to worry about tree roots or costly repairs.

With Lanz, Inc. you get many options, tailored to your budget and problem.

Real Solutions for Common Problems

Camera inspections eliminate guesswork and the need to replace the entire sewer line. We can locate exactly where the issue is and put in a patch, clean out some roots, etc.

The Lanz, Inc. team has gone to hundreds of homes to perform camera inspections. In one case, the homeowner had always been told their sewer line ran in one direction that was causing problems. After a camera inspection, we were able to electronically locate the sewer line and show the homeowner that the sewer line ran in a different direction.

Camera inspections make for a great second-opinion tool. When we can see the inside of the sewer line, we can tell you for certain how a sewer line looks. You may find that only a small spot needs repaired when another company told you the whole line needs to be replaced.

We're committed to providing accurate findings so you don't spend an arm and a leg repairing and rehabilitating a sewer line that doesn't need it. 

The Lanz, Inc. Difference

Overall, the number one recommendation we have for customers is to get educated about your sewer and drain lines.

  • Do you know where your sewer water or drain lines are? 
  • Have you been shown what's going on with those sewer drain lines?

Lanz, Inc. is here to provide those answers. That's why we offer camera inspections and trenchless underground solutions. Regardless of the size of the building or the size of the line, we can perform a camera inspection at your house, building, property, school, etc.

We will show you what's going on and offer many different options from trenchless pipelining and spot lining repairs to replacing the whole line. We have lots of options to your situation, your budget, and your sewer or drain line.

Schedule Your Camera Inspection With Lanz, Inc. Today!

If you need to know where your sewer line runs and what shape it's in, we're here to help. We will get the right technicians over to you with all the latest televising equipment. That way, the truth and transparency are right where you can see them.

Ready to schedule your camera inspection? The first step is getting in touch with Lanz, Inc. You can contact us online for easy booking requests or give our team a call at 217-394-1380

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