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  •       Is your kitchen sink not draining properly?  Is the water filling up on both sides of the sink?  These are a couple of symptoms of a slow draining or backed-up kitchen sink drain.
  •       Kitchen drains are typically installed with PVC in newer construction.  Older homes and properties are constructed with cast iron, galvanized pipe, and even copper in some instances.
  •       Typical kitchen sink issues found are soap and waste that build-up over time,
  •       Lanz has the tools and knowledge to identify and get these drains running again.


Do you have standing water in the bathtub when showering?  Does it take an hour for the water to drain?  This is a common drain maintenance issue that Lanz Drain Cleaning can help with.  Bathtub drains are designed to travel through a trap under the floor and then connect to the drain line that connects to the plumbing system.  These traps are typically a P trap installed in PVC, brass, or even cast iron.  These traps are normally easy to navigate and Lanz can the drain flowing in no time.  A common issue found with bathtub drain cleaning is hair accumulation that will not allow the water to drain correctly.  Once removed all is back in good working order.  Other times the original installation included what is called a “can trap” and can be difficult to clean but not impossible. When a can trap is identified we will investigate the current condition and make the customer aware that damage may occur and replacement may be required.


Does your bathroom sink not drain after brushing your teeth or washing your hands?  This is a common drain cleaning maintenance issue found in the home. Typically, Lanz Drain Cleaning finds soap and waste build-up and or a hair mass that we can identify and remove and get everything draining again.  Sometimes these small diameters.

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