Best Local Camera Inspection Contractor in Champaign-Urbana, IL and All Surrounding Areas

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Lanz Drain Cleaning offers a full line of sewer and drain camera inspection tools.  Small diameter drain lines such as bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and floor drains were once impossible to camera and locate, now are just services we offer and complete day to day.  Our camera systems have the ability to pass through a floor drain trap if the line allows.  These cameras may be able to navigate 2” lines that have trench rot or broken areas.  The benefit to this is if we can navigate through the line and confirm it still has some structure, Lanz Underground Solutions may be able to offer a trenchless solution to repair the line.


Lanz Drain Cleaning offers camera inspection setups that will inspect all standard main sewer and drain lines.  These lines are typically 3” 4” 5” & 6”. With the ability to inspect up to 200’ we can reach the entirety of most common lines.  The information collected in these inspections will be delivered to the owner for their records.


Lanz Drain Cleaning has a crawler camera that is ideal for 6” lines and above.  This setup actually offers the opportunity to inspect 6” sewer and drain lines that are utilized for private sewer mains and/or field tiles and storm drains.  Offering the ability to inspect long runs of 6” corrugated such as a sump collector, neighborhoods may now have the opportunity to rehabilitate lines that we previously diagnosed and failed.

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