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6 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Ogden, IL

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The air inside your home may become contaminated due to pollutants. It’s essential to have quality indoor air in your home since it prevents allergens and improves your health. Here are six ways to improve your indoor air quality in Ogden, IL.

1. Ventilation

Proper air circulation is important since it improves the quality of indoor air. Proper airflow in your house replaces stagnant air with fresh air from the exterior. Opening the doors and windows can increase air circulation and improve the quality of your indoor air.

2. Maintain Optimal Levels of Humidity

Biological contaminants thrive in a humid environment. You can use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in your indoor air. This will improve the quality of your indoor air by ensuring that you reduce the growth of biological contaminants.

There are other actions that you can take to reduce the level of humidity in your home. They include fixing leaking plumbing, opening an exhaust fan while using the dishwasher, and avoiding overwatering your houseplants. These activities will help to reduce moisture in your home and improve your air quality.

3. Reduce Exposure to Toxins

Sources of carbon monoxide in your house include heating equipment such as wood stoves, kerosene heaters, and central heating systems. It is essential that you maintain and adjust combustion equipment to minimize carbon monoxide emissions. You can use a carbon monoxide monitor to detect levels of this gas.

You can use indoor plants to improve the quality of your indoor air. Plants act as natures natural air filters. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which freshens your indoor air.

Avoid smoking inside your house. When a cigarette burns, it releases pollutants from tobacco products that contaminate your indoor air. Ensure that you smoke outside your home to maintain your indoor air quality.

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally. Inhaling radon for prolonged periods can lead to health complications. You can install a radon-reduction system to improve your indoor air quality and eliminate this gas from your home.

Aerosol products can reduce the quality of your indoor air. Aerosols may be in the form of hair spray, deodorant, and cleaning products. Minimizing the use of these products can improve your indoor air quality.

Painting your walls with paint that contains volatile organic compounds can reduce your air quality. They release fumes, which may cause health risks. Ensure that you use paints labeled zero VOC to reduce harmful chemicals in your home and improve the quality of your indoor air.

4. Invest in an Air Purifier

An air purifier helps to deal with stale indoor air. Place air purifiers in common rooms like the kitchen and bedrooms to improve the quality of air. They are important since they clean the air and help to improve ventilation and the quality of indoor air.

5. Change the Filters

Air filters help to trap dust and improve the quality of air passing through your HVAC system. It is vital to change your air filters regularly to improve their efficiency. To maximize efficiency, you can use high-performance air filters that can trap even small particles and allergens.

You should maintain your HVAC system and keep it in good condition. This ensures that you increase the lifespan of your system and cut repair costs. A well-maintained HVAC system works efficiently to improve the quality of your indoor air. Learn more about air filtration here.

6. Groom Your Pets

Pets shed off dead skin that can pollute your indoor air. Brushing your pets regularly with a brush can help to reduce the contamination of your indoor air. Ensure that your pets also keep off your furniture to prevent fur buildup in your home.

Carpets and floors can contain dust and dirt that can reduce the quality of your indoor air. Vacuuming areas where dust may accumulate can help you to improve your indoor air. Cleaning your carpets regularly will enhance the quality of your indoor air.

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