Why Are Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Located on the Roof?

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Even people who don’t work in commercial buildings know that the majority of businesses have their HVAC systems located on the roof. (At the very least, people have seen action movies with foot chases and shoot-outs on the top of buildings where the characters use rooftop AC cabinets for shelter from opposing gunfire.) But why are the HVAC units for businesses located up there—aside from providing cover for action scenes in movies? There are some interesting reasons, and we’ll look at a few of them in this post.

Commercial HVAC systems need specialized work that goes far beyond the domain of amateurs or even professionals with residential comfort training. To protect your business’ comfort during summer, call on services for commercial air conditioning in Ogden, IL from Lanz Heating & Cooling. We are a trustworthy source for excellent HVAC repairs and maintenance for businesses.

Why you find most commercial ACs on rooftops

The great workhorses of the commercial HVAC world are packaged rooftop units, which combine heating and cooling in one convenient cabinet. Larger businesses will have more than one unit on the roof, working together to provide sufficient cooling in the summer and heating in the winter that will keep employees and customers happy.

In the earliest days of commercial air conditioning, only buildings in major downtown areas were equipped with cooling. The layout of U.S. cities in those days (pre-World War II) pressed commercial buildings close to each other, as we can still see in the older downtown sections of Chicago. There simply was no space to place the large cabinets for air conditioners—except up on the roof. So the rooftop unit started as a basic expediency.

But when U.S. cities began to expand and more commercial buildings moved into the suburbs, the rooftop unit remained as the system of choice. They look more visually appealing removed from the public areas around a building, and permit a better use of floor space. Rooftop units are also more convenient for repair and maintenance technicians to access, and they can do so without disturbing workflow. The tradition that started out of necessity because of the nature of U.S. cities has turned into the ideal way to position HVAC systems.

No matter where the air conditioning system in your business is located, you must have specialists in commercial HVAC take care of the necessary repair work. When you call on Lanz Heating & Cooling to handle your commercial air conditioning in Ogden, IL, you’ll receive top level repair and maintenance work from technicians with excellent training. You can reach us 24 hours a day whenever you need help to keep your business comfortable and your workers, customers, and clients happy. Give us a call today.

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