Want a Comfy Home This Summer? Thermostat Do's & Don'ts

Posted On July 18th, 2019 by Lanz HVAC

The vernal equinox has come and gone, so we’re now in full-on flat-out summer mode here in Central Illinois! We’re already feeling the heat, with high temps hovering around 90° from Danville to Gibson City and our hometown of Champaign-Urbana, IL - and we’re just getting warmed up. It’s summer. It’s hot.

So in homes and office buildings all around Champaign County, air conditioning units are (hopefully) kicking on and humming away, while A/C condensers supply wonderfully refreshing (and badly needed) cool air to the folks inside.

But…have you been comfy in your home this summer? Is the hot air getting to your family, or is your home’s A/C doing its job? Here’s the key question: Are you putting your HVAC system in the best position to perform?

As a homeowner, your HVAC system and all of its various components constitute a major investment - plenty of your money has gone into its installation and upkeep. As a smart homeowner, you can take advantage of these A/C tips and thermostat tricks to ensure a high-performing, energy-efficient (and comfortably cool) home this summer.

Do…set your thermostat to the highest temperature in which your family is comfortable. The less the difference between outdoor and indoor temps, the lower your energy bill will be.

Don’t…crank the thermostat temperature down below your desired level of coolness. It will not cool your home any faster, and it will waste energy (and your money).

Do…consider installing a programmable thermostat. It’s a significant efficiency advantage to be able to program your home’s thermostat to turn the A/C on automatically during those hours when people are indoors - and to lower the A/C’s output when nobody’s home.

Don’t…let your A/C run when nobody’s home. As long as kids, pets, guests and everyone else is out of the house, it’s perfectly alright - and perfectly energy efficient - to turn off the air conditioner. Letting the A/C constantly run is like having a leak in your wallet.

Do…use fans. Fans don’t affect air temperature; they just blow air around. But fans are great at distributing cooled air from the A/C throughout your home. Set ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise, with the blades turning in the downward-slant direction, so the rotation will pull cooler air up and spread it around.

Don’t…leave lights and ovens on. It’s hot enough without burning more energy in the form of stoves and incandescent light bulbs. Be aware of appliances that give off heat, and avoid using them during the hottest hours of the day.

Do…get Lanz Inc. to do an annual A/C tuneup. A regular HVAC maintenance check can curtail expensive problems before they start. We’ll clean the condenser coil and all A/C components, fasten loose connections, check fluid levels, test for leakages and inefficiencies, and discuss some of these same thermostat tips.

(As a courtesy to our customers, our website LanzInc.com features downloadable manuals in PDF format for some of the most popular thermostats on the market. Please see LanzInc.com/resources.)

The hot season doesn’t just belong to the sun - summer is our time to shine! Established in 2002, Lanz Heating & Cooling has served your complete residential and commercial HVAC installation/maintenance/repair needs - especially that all-important air-conditioner. We’re here to help you stay cool all summer long.

Beat the heat by calling Lanz Inc. at 217-355-5512, or go to LanzInc.com/contact to send us your message with any A/C-related question, problem, repair or regular maintenance appointment.

Benefit from Lanz Heating & Cooling’s combined decades of hands-on professional air conditioning experience. Whether you live in Champaign-Urbana, Piatt, McLean, Iroquois, Ford, Vermilion or Douglas County, or in the towns of Danville, Oakwood, Bondville, Pesotum, Savoy, Rantoul, Mahomet, Sidney, St. Joseph, Fisher or Gibson City IL, when you go with Lanz Inc. of Champaign County, your A/C issues are no sweat.

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