Top Tips for May-tenance … If You Haven’t Thought About Your A/C in A While

Posted On May 1st, 2019 by Omnispear Developers

We’re halfway through spring here in Central Illinois, and every day we’re getting closer to summer. You’re ready, the kids are ready…but is your home’s A/C ready?

It’s the month of May, and it’s the perfect time to give some much-needed attention to your all-important HVAC system - so you can have complete confidence that your air conditioner will work its best when you need it most.

But what if it’s been a while since you gave much thought to that A/C? What are the first few things you should do to ensure your home HVAC equipment is prepared for another hot, humid summer in Champaign County, IL?

Take advantage of these top tips for smart spring maintenance - May-tenance, if you will - so that your A/C will provide cool, comfortable, dehumidified air all through your home, all summer long.

Replace the filter(s). Your system has at least one, perhaps two, filters which remove particulate matter and clean the air your family breathes. It is (they are) typically located within the indoor unit of your HVAC system, in the air handler or furnace. To get rid of harmful allergens in your home this spring and summer, these must be swapped out every month or so.

Dust off and clean all air intake vents and floor registers. In fact, if you’re about to attack the house with a vacuum cleaner and a dustpan, be sure to wipe down the vents and registers first. It doesn’t do much good to clean up dusty surfaces if your A/C blows air into your home through dirty vents.

Check weather stripping around outside-facing windows and doors. A good idea any time of year, but especially before the heat of summer arrives. Simple physics says that an air conditioner works faster and more efficiently in a closed, air-tight space. Make your home a kind of fortress against hot weather by firming up the insulation around doors and windows - and make sure there’s enough blanketing the attic too.

Remove any obstructions from the outside condenser. That’s the big block sitting on a slab of concrete just outside your home. It takes in air and cools it, condensing water vapor into water liquid and sending chilled air through the HVAC ductwork and throughout your home. For best results, don’t allow any dirt, debris, leaves, branches or yard implements to interfere with the A/C condenser’s intake of air.

Clear the A/C drainage lines. Often overlooked but extremely important. Water from condensed air collects in a pan at the bottom of the unit and drains out through a small hole. A blockage of this drainage hole can cause water to pile up, eventually damaging the A/C unit. Use a small metal wire (like a paper clip) to poke through any hard blockages and pour a small cup of bleach down the A/C’s drain to destroy any algae or mold that could be growing. If you’re not absolutely certain how to do this, it’s best to give us a call.

Make a maintenance appointment with Lanz Heating & Cooling Inc. We’ll look at your whole HVAC system and all its components to ensure efficiency and reliability. Lanz can:

  • Test, inspect and clean the air handler or furnace.
  • Inspect and clean the indoor coil.
  • Inspect and clean the outdoor compressor.
  • Inspect all electrical connections.
  • Clean all air ducts to remove allergens, dust and mold.
  • Check the AC’s coolant levels. Whether your HVAC system uses Freon or Puron, we’ll make sure the unit has sufficient refrigerant - and we’ll check for leaks while we’re at it.

Get more info about Lanz’s lineup of professional A/C services, including repairs, regular maintenance and brand-new installation for home or office building. Click over to our website at

You can bet we’re going to have another hot summer in Champaign-Urbana, Danville, Mahomet, Rantoul, Pesotum and all around Champaign County, IL. Make sure you perform a little May-tenance on your home’s HVAC systems, especially the AC part. You’ll thank yourself when your inside temperatures AND your monthly energy bills are both nice and low.

Lanz Heating & Cooling Inc. is your local home-grown expert in residential and commercial Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing, and we have been since 2002. Give us a call anytime at 217-355-5512, or send us a message using the form at to make your May-tenance appointment.

About Lanz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing: Founded by HVAC contracting veteran Troy Lanz of Illinois, in 2002, Lanz Inc. has grown in number of employees and services offered to the homeowners and commercial businesses of Champaign County, Il. Lanz Inc. now employs more than 80 highly qualified professionals providing certified installations, repairs and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, air handlers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, indoor air quality control systems, ductless split systems and geothermal solutions, plus cleaning of drains, vents and air ducts. Ask about our Comfort Club. Please call Lanz Inc. at 217-355-5512 and connect with Lanz Inc. on the web at

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