Top Five Signs It’s Time for a New Residential HVAC Unit

Posted On May 15th, 2019 by Omnispear Developers

Your in-home HVAC system is an investment in your family’s comfort. It’s a miracle of modern technology that keeps the air in your Central Illinois home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and clean all year long.

But that HVAC system is a complex machine with many moving parts, and eventually all machines must be replaced. As we visit customers’ residences all around Champaign, Douglass, Ford and Piatt counties, one of the questions we hear most is,

“So how much longer you think this thing’s got?”

Good question. Is the heating and air conditioning equipment in your home on its last gasp? When do you, as a proactive homeowner, know the time is right to invest in a total replacement of your home’s heating/cooling/ventilation systems?

Here we present the Top Five Signs It’s Time for a New HVAC System:

Sign #1: It’s noisy.

Bangs, clanks, groans, and loud droning hums are no sounds for a proper HVAC installation to be making. Components like motors, fans and blowers should kick on and run smoothly with little to no noise. If you hear strange noises coming from your home’s air conditioning equipment, those could indicate that parts are wearing out and components may start to fail.

Sign #2: It’s constantly running.

Hey, wait a minute - didn’t the A/C unit just crank up a little bit ago? And now it’s revving up again? When HVAC units run for a long time - or when they frequently spin up and turn off only to crank back up again - they’re unable to produce and circulate enough conditioned air to keep the building they’re cooling at the desired temperature. The solution is a total overhaul of the HVAC system, or a complete replacement.

Sign #3: It’s less and less time between repairs.

It’s highly recommended that every 12 months, you hire certified, licensed professionals like Lanz Heating & Cooling Inc. to perform regular routine maintenance on your home’s entire HVAC system from furnace to vents. Annual maintenance will help your heating and A/C units stay efficient and last longer.

But, if you experience multiple major HVAC repairs in the same year-long span - whether or not the system has been on a regular maintenance schedule - then the decision becomes a financial one: Should you spend money on repair bills, or invest in a newly installed HVAC unit? In the long run, buying new is usually preferable to repairing constantly.

Sign #4: It’s a bit musty in here.

If your home’s air is dusty, moldy or more humid than you want, that means your HVAC system can’t perform its job well enough to ensure your comfort. (This is especially a problem for folks suffering from allergies or asthma.) If mold, fungi and other allergens are invading the airspace in your home, then a new HVAC system is absolutely the correct decision. Poor air quality is a serious health risk - and improving your home’s indoor air quality is one of the top areas of expertise for Lanz Heating & Cooling Inc.

Sign #5: It’s old.

If your HVAC system was installed more than 10 years ago (or if you don’t remember when it was put in), then you should definitely consider investing in a new HVAC installation before a major component like the primary motor, compressor or condenser coil dies of old age - or simply isn’t up to the task anymore.

Old machinery means less efficiency. Modern A/C equipment comes with Energy Star ratings for maximum energy-efficiency, whereas older systems may not. Additionally, HVAC units manufactured today use R-410A Puron as a refrigerant, instead of R-22 Freon. This is because the newer stuff deals better with extreme heat and pressure, reducing the chances of cracking and overheating.

Please request an in-home HVAC appointment (or ask a question) through our website at, or call 217-355-5512 or 1-800-AIR-REPAIR. Lanz Heating & Cooling Inc. is proud to provide award-winning residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing services in Champaign-Urbana, Danville, Oakwood, Bondville, Pesotum, Savoy, Rantoul, Mahomet, Sidney, St. Joseph, Fisher and Gibson City IL since 2002.

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