3 Reasons to Call a Plumber Instead of Making Repairs Yourself

Posted On April 12th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Plumbing repair in Champaign-Urbana, IL is sometimes attempted by enterprising do-it-yourselfers hoping to save a little money. Sadly, most efforts ultimately end up costing more than they save. In all but the most benign cases, you’re usually better off bringing in a professional. Here are 3 reasons to call a plumber instead of making repairs yourself.

  • Know-how
    Even the most prolific do-it-yourselfer has usually only handled a tiny handful of plumbing problems in his or her life. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, deal with hundreds of different problems on a regular basis. That means they can identify the problem sooner and correct it more efficiently than a layman. Speed and efficiency are often worth a few extra dollars in the grand scheme of things.
  • Equipment
    Plumbers have the professional-grade tools necessary to handle tasks that are far beyond the capability of store-bought wrenches and plungers.
  • Reliability
    If something goes wrong while you’re making repairs yourself, you have to shoulder any additional costs and time allocation, which can turn a relatively simple job into an unending nightmare. A good plumbing service spells out all costs in advance, and often guarantees their work. That means there’s no unexpected surprises, and the insurance required by licensed plumbers means that both they and you are protected from the unexpected.

Above all, calling a plumber instead of making repairs yourself means peace of mind and the avoidance of a whole lot of hassle, something even the most adamant do-it-yourselfer will admit is worth quite a bit. Plumbing services in Champaign-Urbana, IL doesn’t get more reliable than it does with the experts at Lanz Heating & Cooling. We stand by our work with an ironclad guarantee and we’re completely dedicated to your happiness at every step. If you have a plumbing problem, don’t take the chance of trying to fix it yourself. Give us a call today and let us show you what a professional can do!

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Common Repairs for Toilets

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Few appliances in your home see heavier use than toilets, and when something goes wrong, you need to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. The good news is that toilets are comparatively simple devices, so repairing them can usually take place quickly. The bad news is that when problems do arise, you typically need a professional to take care of them properly. In Seymour, IL, bathroom plumbing services handle common repairs for toilets all the time. The more you can be prepared for them, the faster you can react when they arise.

Common repairs for toilets can include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Leaks. Leaks often occur at the line between the toilet and the rest of the plumbing system. A good repairman can replace the line without too much difficulty. In some cases, however, it’s more serious: there’s a crack in the tank or in the toilet bowl itself. In such cases, it’s usually best to simply replace the entire toilet, rather than try to patch the crack.
  • Phantom flushes. When the flapper valve corrodes or the refill tube has trouble, it can create a sudden draining and refilling of the water. These “phantom” flushes can cost you a lot of money in higher water bills and increase strain on the other components of your toilet. The valve or line needs to be replaced before it will function as normal.
  • Slow to refill. A toiler that is slow to refill can be extremely annoying, running for far longer than it should. This usually indicates a problem with the shutoff valve – either with the valve itself, or with something blocking it in some way – and can be corrected by replacing the valve or removing the blockage.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, you need a trained plumber to handle it appropriately. Bathroom plumbing and other plumbing services in Seymour, IL can be provided by Lanz Heating & Cooling. We have the proper skills to identify the problem and resolve it smoothly, while treating your home with the utmost respect in the process. If you need common repairs for toilets, or even not-so-common repairs, pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

If you encounter a clog in a sink, what should you do? Hopefully, you have a sink plunger on hand, and you can use that to attempt to clear away the clog. Sometimes, this will be enough. But what should you do if it isn’t? If you know that you shouldn’t use chemical drain cleaners (and you shouldn’t), do you hunt out a tool belt stocked with wrenches, crawl under the sink, and try to detach the pipes to get at the mysterious and obstinate blockage? Or call a friend who’s handy with these sorts of jobs?

No… you should call a professional plumber! In fact, beyond any job as simple as clearing out a clog using a plunger, you should always call professional plumbers for any issue in your plumbing system. There’s no shortage of plumbers available, but make sure you call one with experience and commitment to excellence. Lanz Heating & Cooling has more than a decade of work helping residents of Champaign-Urbana, IL with plumbing trouble, and we take pride in the quality of service we provide.

Here are 3 reasons to rely on professional plumbers

  1. Equipment: Plumbers have the professional-grade tools necessary to handle tasks that are far beyond the capability of store-bought wrenches and plungers.
  2. Speed: Professional plumbers work every day on home plumbing. For most repairs that will require you call a plumber, he or she has probably already done the same job three times that week. Professionals can get work done far faster than any amateur without needing to rush. With skilled plumbers, you’ll have the work finished quickly and without worry that it was done poorly.
  3. Cost: Yes, it’s less expensive to go with a professional plumber than to try to do the work on your own or call on amateurs. Trying to perform repairs without proper training will often lead to larger plumbing issues, and you will need to call on the professionals eventually anyway—only now they will have a more expensive job to take care of. Mistakes in plumbing can also lead to flooding and water damage in your house. Save yourself the risks of astronomical repair costs and call the experts in from the start.

There are many more reasons that you should turn to trusted and licensed plumbers for fixing your plumbing in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Find out for yourself the difference that trained professionals make the next time you have leaks, high water pressure, drain clogs, or any other plumbing trouble: call Lanz Heating & Cooling.

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