Join Lanz as Lifeline Connect Builds For a Better Tomorrow

Posted On June 26th, 2018 by Lanz HVAC

At Lanz Heating & Cooling, we aim to make an impact in more ways than quality HVAC service. Our commitment and dedication to the community is paramount in its importance to us.

In fact, it’s been a central tenet of our corporate mission at Lanz Inc. to be a local heating, cooling, air quality and plumbing company that has a positive impact beyond home services - and to encourage others in the community to join in so collectively we can make an even larger impact on more and more people everyday.

We’d like to share one way Lanz Inc. is working to give back - and we invite our customers, neighbors and fellow businesses of Urbana and Champaign County in Illinois to make an even bigger difference through their own contributions to this ongoing fundraiser which (spoiler alert) now involves motorcycles!

We’d like to introduce you to a wonderful organization called Lifeline Connect (please visit to learn more about their recovery and learning center). For more than a decade, Lifeline Connect has worked to help men recover from the sometimes-lethal disease of addiction to opioids and/or alcohol. They rely on faith-based solutions to rebuild lives emotionally, socially and spiritually, with the absolute belief that there is no such thing as a lost cause.

Right now, Lifeline Connect has a facility here in Champaign County, Illinois, with capacity to house six men, but they’ve received approval to expand to a dormitory with the ability to accommodate 24 men - tripling the number of lives they can impact.

But financial support is needed to complete the expansion. See

Lanz Inc. truly believes in the mission of this organization. Join us in our efforts to help end opioid addiction in our community.

  1. We have committed to providing all of the labor to install the plumbing and HVAC for the dormitory.
  2. Lanz has a fundraiser page set up for Lifeline Connect at
  3. On March 16, Lanz joined other Urbana and Champaign County partners to present a very special Recovery Blueprint 24 banquet and auction. (
    We were able to raise some $134,000 to benefit Lifeline Connect’s dormitory expansion fund. Attendees were able to listen to life-changing stories from five amazing Lanz Inc. employees who are graduates of the Lifeline Connect program.
  4. On May 27, 2018, several Lifeline Connect staff and friends took off from Los Angeles on a 2,700-mile, four-day cross-country hog ride ending at the White House in Washington, D.C., raising some $100,000 toward the dorm project to benefit more central Illinois men in recovery from addiction. See Connecting Coast-to-Coast at

Here’s where Lanz Inc. customers came in.

You cranked up your bikes and joined in the FUN(draiser) anywhere on the countrywide route! We even had an anonymous donor matched funds! The event was an amazing success!

Troy Lanz is the founder and president of Lanz Inc. and a big believer in the mission of Lifeline Connect.

“Our goal is to build the 24-man dorm to change lives and better our community by securing funding, materials and donations,” Troy said. “In addition, we are raising awareness for this epidemic by spreading the positive message, ‘there is no such thing as a lost cause.’”

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