More Than HVAC: Lanz Inc. Fixes Your Home’s Plumbing, Too!

Posted On July 25th, 2019 by Lanz HVAC

Around Champaign County and throughout Central Illinois, ever since we opened our Residential & Commercial HVAC company back in 2002, folks have known us as Lanz Heating & Cooling.

But did you know that you might as well call us Lanz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing? Plumbing has been a big part of our business here at Lanz Inc. since not long after our company was founded. Whenever customers in Champaign, Douglas, or Ford County need expert plumbing services from local licensed plumbers, Lanz Inc.’s experienced plumbing technicians.

Lanz Heating & Cooling’s Plumbing Division has always been led by our man David Mueller, who brings over 20 years of hands-on plumbing experience designing, installing, maintaining and repairing plumbing systems for single-family homes, industrial buildings, and multi-unit condos.

Dave’s family has been part of the Lanz family since 2006, and he oversees some of our top licensed professionals offering complete plumbing services. Plumbing services like:

Drain Cleaning - Get the clogs out of clogged drains and keep them unclogged. The plumbers at Lanz Inc. use a two-step process of 1) hydro-jetting with high-pressure water jets to remove a tough clog, and 2) applying environmentally friendly Bio-One to each drain to ensure your home’s plumbing system flows freely. Check out

Underground Pipe Solutions - Full services for underground sewer, drainage and water lines, including clean-outs, installations, repairs and replacements of sump pumps, pump stations, and pipe lining - plus the new technology known as Pipe Bursting. The Lanz Inc. website has a great explanation of the benefits of Pipe Bursting on our page

Commercial Services - Just as it is with our HVAC Division, the Plumbing Division at Lanz Inc. can scale up our plumbing services to serve commercial and industrial clients with regular maintenance and emergency repairs. Doing a new construction or renovation project? Ask about our plumbing system design and installation services for office buildings and other commercial structures. More info at

General Plumbing - Overflowing toilet, leaking sink, hot water heater not heating water hot enough. The plumbers at Lanz Inc. are experts at leak detection, backflow testing, sump pump draining, septic systems, tankless water heaters, grease traps, even garbage disposals. Think of Lanz Inc. to fix plumbing problems in your kitchen and bathrooms, just like you would with your heating or air conditioning. Our full lineup of plumbing services is at

Plumbing services are part of our members-only Lanz Comfort Family discount clubs, with regular precision tune-ups, plumbing discounts and priority service guarantees available through our Blue and Orange Comfort Family programs. It’s part of how we offer total home services, from heating and cooling to air duct cleaning and plumbing - everything to keep your home in great shape and your family comfortable. Learn more and sign up at

Ever since Dave joined Troy and the Lanz Heating & Cooling family back in 2006, plumbing has been a major component of our business. Our philosophy with our Plumbing Division is exactly the same as it is for our HVAC Division: We operate with honesty and integrity in order to deliver on our promises to our customers, providing them with the highest level of quality in the HVAC & Plumbing industry in Central Illinois.

One of our favorite reviews ever came from Joe, one of our great customers, when he wrote, “I want to thank the hard work and professional attitude of Devin while he was finding nothing really wrong with our plumbing. That information alone was worth the call.” Honesty has always been the best policy at Lanz Heating & Cooling (& Plumbing).

So please call Lanz Inc. at 217-355-5512 or go to and get an estimate and an appointment for your plumbing issue - whether fixing a leaky faucet or designing and installing a whole-house system. Lanz Heating & Cooling offers honest, experienced, professional licensed plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in Champaign-Urbana, Piatt, McLean, Iroquois, Ford, Vermilion and Douglas County IL, including Danville, Oakwood, Bondville, Pesotum, Savoy, Rantoul, Mahomet, Sidney, St. Joseph, Fisher, Gibson City and all of Central Illinois.

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