3 Things You Need to Know about Geothermal Cooling

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Are you giving serious consideration to installing geothermal cooling as your next option for home air conditioning? Good for you: geothermal is a growing field for home comfort that not only benefits you, but also benefits the environment with emission-free performance and use of renewable energy.

You are probably already aware that going geothermal is a large choice, and the installation work is more extensive and will take longer than that of a standard home comfort system. Make sure that you rely on the geothermal experts in Champaign, IL at Lanz Heating & Cooling to help you with this process. We will make sure that geothermal cooling is the right choice for your home, and then provide you with excellent installation that will ensure your new system works well for many years.

Here are three important facts you need to know about geothermal cooling:

1. Geothermal Cooling is Also Geothermal Heating

When you invest in geothermal comfort for your home, you are receiving heating as well as cooling. Geothermal systems are ground-source heat pumps, which means like heat pumps they can move heat both out of your home (air conditioning) and into your home (heating). However, they use the stable heat of the earth as the medium for exchange, unlike air-source heat pumps. Because of the reliable ground temperature 10 ft. beneath the surface, you never have to worry about a ground-source heat pump turning inefficient during the winter.

2. Geothermal Systems Will Save You Money in the Long-Term

Some homeowners shy away from geothermal installation because of the higher initial price tag. However, the efficient performance of geothermal heat pumps means they will start paying back their costs almost immediately. The U.S. EPA estimates that a geothermal system will return its installation investment in 5–10 years. The longevity of a geothermal heat pump (the underground coils can last more than 50 years!) means you will have plenty of time to reap the benefits of its energy-saving properties.

Geothermal Systems Use Different Ground Loop Configurations to Fit Your Property

One of the restrictions of geothermal heat pumps is that they need enough space for their underground coils in order to work. Fortunately, there is more than one configuration for the ground loops to make it easier to fit them for different properties. The common set-up is horizontal loops buried 6–10 ft. below the ground. However, deeper vertical loops are common when there is less space available. Either configuration will deliver the quality performance you need from the system.
The technicians at Lanz Heating & Cooling are ready to help you discover the best way to supply your home with the efficient and long-lasting power of geothermal in Champaign, IL. Give us a call today to find out more about how geothermal systems operate and your other options for energy-saving home comfort.

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What is the Condensate Pan?

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Here in Danville, IL, air conditioning repair services are accustomed to handling all kinds of issues. Among the more common are problems with the condensate pan, which can be surprisingly problematic when they arise. What is the condensate pan and what kind of trouble is associated with it? We’ve included a brief discussion below.

As your air conditioner cools the air, the moisture in it coalesces into beads of condensation on the evaporator coils. (The process is similar to the creation of dew on your lawn in the early hours of the morning.) The condensate pan exists to remove that moisture from the system safely. As the condensation drips down, it falls into the pan. A drain line attached to the pan removes the liquid, keeping electronic components and similar parts of the system safe from shorts or water damage.

Normally, a condensate pan works just fine: it’s simple and doesn’t involve any complicated parts that can break down on you. That doesn’t mean it can’t suffer damage, however. Clogs in the drain line will cause it to overflow, as will a crack in the pan or even just the pan becoming misaligned. In addition, pans can overflow due to problems with other parts of the system. For instance, if refrigerant levels are low, then ice will form on the evaporator coils. When it melts, it could quickly fill up the pan faster than the melted water can drain out of it.

The result of such issues is invariably the same. Overflowing condensation will damage or short out other components in the air conditioner, and suddenly a comparatively minor repair takes on serious proportions. Some air conditioners have a safety feature: a floater switch that shuts the system off when the water rises too high. But even then, you’ll still need to correct the problem with the condensate pan before the system will function again.

Air conditioning repair services in Danville, IL like the folks at Lanz Heating & Cooling can resolve your problems quickly and efficiently. We treat issues with the condensate pan on a regular basis, and can replace a defunct one if a repair isn’t feasible. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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Common Repairs for Toilets

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Few appliances in your home see heavier use than toilets, and when something goes wrong, you need to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. The good news is that toilets are comparatively simple devices, so repairing them can usually take place quickly. The bad news is that when problems do arise, you typically need a professional to take care of them properly. In Seymour, IL, bathroom plumbing services handle common repairs for toilets all the time. The more you can be prepared for them, the faster you can react when they arise.

Common repairs for toilets can include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Leaks. Leaks often occur at the line between the toilet and the rest of the plumbing system. A good repairman can replace the line without too much difficulty. In some cases, however, it’s more serious: there’s a crack in the tank or in the toilet bowl itself. In such cases, it’s usually best to simply replace the entire toilet, rather than try to patch the crack.
  • Phantom flushes. When the flapper valve corrodes or the refill tube has trouble, it can create a sudden draining and refilling of the water. These “phantom” flushes can cost you a lot of money in higher water bills and increase strain on the other components of your toilet. The valve or line needs to be replaced before it will function as normal.
  • Slow to refill. A toiler that is slow to refill can be extremely annoying, running for far longer than it should. This usually indicates a problem with the shutoff valve – either with the valve itself, or with something blocking it in some way – and can be corrected by replacing the valve or removing the blockage.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, you need a trained plumber to handle it appropriately. Bathroom plumbing and other plumbing services in Seymour, IL can be provided by Lanz Heating & Cooling. We have the proper skills to identify the problem and resolve it smoothly, while treating your home with the utmost respect in the process. If you need common repairs for toilets, or even not-so-common repairs, pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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Stages of Geothermal System Installation

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Geothermal systems are an innovative way of heating and cooling your home, drawing upon the ambient temperature of the earth itself to do the job. Once you get down past five or six feet under the ground, the temperature of the earth doesn’t change, which the system can use to facilitate a heat exchange. Tubes are planted beneath the ground, and a water and antifreeze solution is pumped through it. In the summer, the tubes pull heat from your home and release it into the ground. In the winter, they pull heat from the ground and bring it into your home. It’s very efficient and environmentally friendly, and here in St. Joseph IL, geothermal systems make a lot of sense. But before you pull the trigger on a new system, you should understand the basic stages of geothermal system installation. We’ve provided a basic outline below.

  • The technician surveys your property and plans out the placement of the system: usually either horizontal (spreading the tubes out across a wide, shallow field), vertical (sinking the tubes beneath a single deep shaft, in cases where you don’t have a lot of property space), or water-based (in cases where you have a pond or similar body of water on your property).
  • The technician excavates the land where the tubes will go, digging holes (and grouting the sides in the case of vertical installations) then digging a trench back to your home.
  • The technician installs a water-to-water heat pump inside your home, providing the energy required to pump the mixture through the tubes and disperse the warm or cool air through your home.
  • The technician lays out the tubing in the holes, usually in coils, and then attaches them to your pump inside the home.
  • The technician tests the system to make sure it works and then buries the tubes by filling in the holes and trenches.

Every home is different, which means that the stages of geothermal system installation could very slightly from case to case. That’s what you should talk to the experts at Lanz Heating & Cooling before proceeding. Geothermal installation services in St. Joseph, IL don’t get more reliable, and we’ll discuss every step without before performing the operation with courtesy and care. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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Why Are Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Located on the Roof?

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Even people who don’t work in commercial buildings know that the majority of businesses have their HVAC systems located on the roof. (At the very least, people have seen action movies with foot chases and shoot-outs on the top of buildings where the characters use rooftop AC cabinets for shelter from opposing gunfire.) But why are the HVAC units for businesses located up there—aside from providing cover for action scenes in movies? There are some interesting reasons, and we’ll look at a few of them in this post.

Commercial HVAC systems need specialized work that goes far beyond the domain of amateurs or even professionals with residential comfort training. To protect your business’ comfort during summer, call on services for commercial air conditioning in Ogden, IL from Lanz Heating & Cooling. We are a trustworthy source for excellent HVAC repairs and maintenance for businesses.

Why you find most commercial ACs on rooftops

The great workhorses of the commercial HVAC world are packaged rooftop units, which combine heating and cooling in one convenient cabinet. Larger businesses will have more than one unit on the roof, working together to provide sufficient cooling in the summer and heating in the winter that will keep employees and customers happy.

In the earliest days of commercial air conditioning, only buildings in major downtown areas were equipped with cooling. The layout of U.S. cities in those days (pre-World War II) pressed commercial buildings close to each other, as we can still see in the older downtown sections of Chicago. There simply was no space to place the large cabinets for air conditioners—except up on the roof. So the rooftop unit started as a basic expediency.

But when U.S. cities began to expand and more commercial buildings moved into the suburbs, the rooftop unit remained as the system of choice. They look more visually appealing removed from the public areas around a building, and permit a better use of floor space. Rooftop units are also more convenient for repair and maintenance technicians to access, and they can do so without disturbing workflow. The tradition that started out of necessity because of the nature of U.S. cities has turned into the ideal way to position HVAC systems.

No matter where the air conditioning system in your business is located, you must have specialists in commercial HVAC take care of the necessary repair work. When you call on Lanz Heating & Cooling to handle your commercial air conditioning in Ogden, IL, you’ll receive top level repair and maintenance work from technicians with excellent training. You can reach us 24 hours a day whenever you need help to keep your business comfortable and your workers, customers, and clients happy. Give us a call today.

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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

Posted On April 11th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

If you encounter a clog in a sink, what should you do? Hopefully, you have a sink plunger on hand, and you can use that to attempt to clear away the clog. Sometimes, this will be enough. But what should you do if it isn’t? If you know that you shouldn’t use chemical drain cleaners (and you shouldn’t), do you hunt out a tool belt stocked with wrenches, crawl under the sink, and try to detach the pipes to get at the mysterious and obstinate blockage? Or call a friend who’s handy with these sorts of jobs?

No… you should call a professional plumber! In fact, beyond any job as simple as clearing out a clog using a plunger, you should always call professional plumbers for any issue in your plumbing system. There’s no shortage of plumbers available, but make sure you call one with experience and commitment to excellence. Lanz Heating & Cooling has more than a decade of work helping residents of Champaign-Urbana, IL with plumbing trouble, and we take pride in the quality of service we provide.

Here are 3 reasons to rely on professional plumbers

  1. Equipment: Plumbers have the professional-grade tools necessary to handle tasks that are far beyond the capability of store-bought wrenches and plungers.
  2. Speed: Professional plumbers work every day on home plumbing. For most repairs that will require you call a plumber, he or she has probably already done the same job three times that week. Professionals can get work done far faster than any amateur without needing to rush. With skilled plumbers, you’ll have the work finished quickly and without worry that it was done poorly.
  3. Cost: Yes, it’s less expensive to go with a professional plumber than to try to do the work on your own or call on amateurs. Trying to perform repairs without proper training will often lead to larger plumbing issues, and you will need to call on the professionals eventually anyway—only now they will have a more expensive job to take care of. Mistakes in plumbing can also lead to flooding and water damage in your house. Save yourself the risks of astronomical repair costs and call the experts in from the start.

There are many more reasons that you should turn to trusted and licensed plumbers for fixing your plumbing in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Find out for yourself the difference that trained professionals make the next time you have leaks, high water pressure, drain clogs, or any other plumbing trouble: call Lanz Heating & Cooling.

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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Posted On April 12th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Everybody knows how to clean the lint trap in their dryers after every load. It helps keep the system clean and prevents the dryer from overheating. But anything that escapes the trap ends up in the dryer vent, which sends damp air form the interior of the dryer outside of your home. Over time, that lint can build up, creating a serious problem. Even if you disregard the fire hazard, a blocked vent will keep damp air in your dryer and decrease its efficiency. Sadly, cleaning the dryer vent takes a little more than cleaning the lint trap does, and if you want it done properly, you usually need a professional. Here in Champaign-Urbana, IL, dryer vent cleaning can be performed by the same service that handles air conditioning and heating ducts. Here are 3 reasons to hire a professional for dryer vent cleaning.

  • Know-how. Cleaning the dryer vent means moving your dryer, which involves disconnecting it from the gas or electrical lines. Chances are you haven’t performed such an operation more than once or twice in your life at most. But a trained service technician handles such issues every day, and knows how to perform the operation without damaging any of your equipment. That’s worth a little extra money to ensure the problem gets treated right.
  • Insurance. Along those lines, if you try to clean the vent yourself and end up damaging some component of the system, you’re on the hook for the additional costs. A professional, on the other hand, is bonded and insured – for his protection as much as yours – which means that damage like that is covered.
  • Equipment. Cleaning the vent takes more than a store-bought wet-dry vac. Specialized equipment makes the job much easier, but only trained professionals have the skills to use it properly.

For more reasons to hire a professional for dryer vent cleaning, or to schedule a cleaning for your home, contact the experts at Lanz Heating & Cooling for help. Dryer vent cleaning is a standard service, and we have the skills and experience to do the job right. Call us today to set up an appointment and let us show you what we can do! We also specialize in a variety of indoor air quality services such as duct cleaning in Champaign-Urbana, IL.

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Consider Replacing Your Old Air Conditioning System

Posted On April 12th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

During the last weeks before summer arrives, homeowners should take time to evaluate their air conditioning systems to make sure they are ready to handle the amount of work they must do to combat the coming heat. Part of evaluating an AC is asking the tough question: Has the time come to replace it?

Modern air conditioners have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, depending on the model. As an AC enters the later years of that range, replacement becomes a viable alternative to the costs of continued maintenance and repairs. Choosing to install a new system is a big step, but often a necessary one.

Our technicians at Lanz Heating & Cooling have years of experience with air conditioning replacement in Champaign-Urbana, IL, and they have some bits of advice about when it’s time to schedule new installation as the most cost-effective option.

When “repair or replace?” becomes “replace”

If you air conditioner is 15 years or older, you should have it replaced even if it still seems to work well in most respects. The chances of it declining rapidly are high at this point: 15 years is more strain than even the most well-maintained AC can handle. The inevitable aging will soon take hold of the compressor—the most vital component—and when the compressor dies, the system will go with it. Planning for replacement is preferable to requiring an emergency replacement.

There is another benefit to a “pre-emptive” replacement of an aging yet still functioning air conditioner: the advantages of the high efficiency models now available. A new system will probably work 10-20% more energy-efficiently than your older system ever did. Think of it in this light: you have already received a bargain from your air conditioner because of its long life; now you can start receiving even more savings from a new system.

If your air conditioner has started to malfunction frequently and elevate your power bills, than you should have it replaced even if it hasn’t reached the outer edge of its estimated lifespan. A good benchmark for repairs: if you must spend more than $500 a year to keep the system running, it should be replaced. If your electricity bills show a steady rise each year because of the air conditioning system—such as a 5% increase—that no repairs or maintenance seems to change, then you should also replace the system before it becomes a major money waster.

Schedule new installation

Replacing and old AC doesn’t have to be an enormous burden for you. Call professional installers to help you decide on a new system, and then rely on them to remove your old AC and correctly hook up the new one so it works without flaws.

Lanz Heating & Cooling has more than a decade doing air conditioning replacement in Champaign-Urbana, IL. We also offer free estimates on new installations, so call us right away to get your AC replaced.

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Does It Matter When You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Posted On April 12th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

For an air conditioner to work its best, avoid unnecessary repairs, and continue running for many years, it must have maintenance from a professional once a year. During a maintenance visit, a technician performs checks and tests on the AC; adjusts and cleans it; and takes any steps needed to keep the system functioning at its peak ability.

Most HAVC repair services advise homeowners to schedule AC maintenance during spring, and the maintenance for their heater during fall. But does it really make that much a difference when you schedule maintenance?

The answer is: yes and no. We’ll explain what we mean.

Whenever you decide to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Champaign-Urbana, IL, make sure you have Lanz Heating & Cooling handle the job. We put professionalism first in all our work.

Yes, It Matters When You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring truly is an ideal time to have your AC maintenance done, for two reasons. First, it puts you in a good position with your system right before the time when you’ll need it the most, the summer. You’ll still have time to schedule any serious repairs, but you’ll also have the maintenance work done near enough to the hot season that you should have few worries about system degradation before the first blazing day arrives.

Second, spring is a less busy time for HVAC companies: they are between the emergency calls of winter and summer. You should have little problem finding a convenient date to have the maintenance work done during spring.

No, It Doesn’t Matter When You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

The important thing about AC maintenance is that it gets done, period. Ultimately, if your air conditioner is overdue for maintenance, the time of year makes no difference: you should schedule it right away. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall… it’s never the wrong time for maintenance when the system hasn’t received it in over a year. And it’s never too late to re-start with maintenance, no matter how many years have passed since it was last done.

Annual Maintenance is Mandatory

Without regular maintenance on your air conditioner, you can expect…

  • …to pay higher electrical bills.
  • …the system to need more repairs.
  • …abrupt, uncomfortable breakdowns.
  • …a shortened lifespan for the system.

So for air conditioning services in Champaign-Urbana, IL, the right time to schedule it is now. Call Lanz Heating & Cooling today and arrange for your annual visit so you’ll get the most from your AC this year.

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3 Reasons to Call a Plumber Instead of Making Repairs Yourself

Posted On April 12th, 2017 by Lanz HVAC

Plumbing repair in Champaign-Urbana, IL is sometimes attempted by enterprising do-it-yourselfers hoping to save a little money. Sadly, most efforts ultimately end up costing more than they save. In all but the most benign cases, you’re usually better off bringing in a professional. Here are 3 reasons to call a plumber instead of making repairs yourself.

  • Know-how
    Even the most prolific do-it-yourselfer has usually only handled a tiny handful of plumbing problems in his or her life. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, deal with hundreds of different problems on a regular basis. That means they can identify the problem sooner and correct it more efficiently than a layman. Speed and efficiency are often worth a few extra dollars in the grand scheme of things.
  • Equipment
    Plumbers have the professional-grade tools necessary to handle tasks that are far beyond the capability of store-bought wrenches and plungers.
  • Reliability
    If something goes wrong while you’re making repairs yourself, you have to shoulder any additional costs and time allocation, which can turn a relatively simple job into an unending nightmare. A good plumbing service spells out all costs in advance, and often guarantees their work. That means there’s no unexpected surprises, and the insurance required by licensed plumbers means that both they and you are protected from the unexpected.

Above all, calling a plumber instead of making repairs yourself means peace of mind and the avoidance of a whole lot of hassle, something even the most adamant do-it-yourselfer will admit is worth quite a bit. Plumbing services in Champaign-Urbana, IL doesn’t get more reliable than it does with the experts at Lanz Heating & Cooling. We stand by our work with an ironclad guarantee and we’re completely dedicated to your happiness at every step. If you have a plumbing problem, don’t take the chance of trying to fix it yourself. Give us a call today and let us show you what a professional can do!

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Spring Tips for Summer Comfort

Posted On June 15th, 2018 by Lanz HVAC

Make Sure Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Can Stand the Heat

Homeowners know that we’re in a crucial period of the year. These beautiful, comfortable spring months of May and June only mean that the dog days of summer are on the horizon... So your home’s air conditioning and ventilation systems need to be up to the job!

When inspecting HVAC systems as those warm summer days approach, we often see issues that can be resolved or even prevented by the homeowner! Although we’d love to make an appointment to meet regarding your residential or commercial A/C, we would like you to consider a few tips before you call your local friendly HVAC company for routine maintenance or a yearly inspection of your entire system.

Step outside and take a look for yourself! You might be able to save yourself a big headache (and an even bigger HVAC repair or replacement bill) by simply taking advantage of these pleasant spring mornings out in the yard for a do-it-yourself home service inspection.

This spring, let’s take a look at the external equipment that, if properly maintained, will keep the air in your home nice and cool this summer.

Here are some of our Top HVAC Tips for maintaining your outdoor air conditioning equipment - just in time for summer:

— Keep bushes, branches, brush, shrubs, trees, plants - all vegetation away from your outdoor HVAC unit (that big block sitting outside your house that cranks up its fan every now and then). This is called a condenser coil and it’s what keeps the air in your home (office, business, etc.) in check, in both temperature and humidity during the summer and the winter.

If the airflow into your HVAC condenser coil is obstructed or constricted by plant life or stray debris, the unit has to work extra hard, your energy bill goes through the roof and the system runs hotter than it should, potentially causing burnout and failure.

Avoid an expensive repair bill before the hot summer months.

Trim back bushes, trees, and shrubs at least 12 inches - preferably 18 - from your outdoor HVAC unit.

— Make sure all pipes and valves connecting the HVAC condenser coil to your home are tight, fast and dry. Remove brush, backyard toys or anything else that may have fallen on or against the piping.

— With a garden hose, spray a soft jet of water all over your outside HVAC unit, from top to bottom and every side (We emphasize, not too hard! Pressure washing the condenser coil could damage the thin fins that protect it).

— The moment the weather turns spring-like, pollen, grass, and dirt start to collect around the coil. This means less air can reach the coil, increasing energy usage and potentially burning out your HVAC compressor entirely, which requires an expensive emergency replacement to avoid catastrophe in the oncoming heat of summer.

— Look closely at the fins which cage the coil; Dents, tears or holes could introduce pollen, bugs, detritus and other unwanted contaminants into your HVAC system. With great care (and ONLY with electrical power to the unit turned OFF!) you can use a butter knife to straighten the protective fins.

— Get regular professional maintenance checks for your entire residential or commercial air conditioning system. The fact of the matter is today’s home comfort equipment is exceedingly complex. It is a series of unique machines, and each machine has to run smoothly on its own, along with all the other machines - and what’s more, the connections between them have to be reliable at all times as well. Before too long, your HVAC checkup might no longer be a DIY job.

Give us a call for a whole-system maintenance check of your all-important heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Get it done during this lovely spring weather, before the heat of summer sets in and you’re stuck with a very unhappy (and expensive) surprise.

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Join Lanz as Lifeline Connect Builds For a Better Tomorrow

Posted On June 26th, 2018 by Lanz HVAC

At Lanz Heating & Cooling, we aim to make an impact in more ways than quality HVAC service. Our commitment and dedication to the community is paramount in its importance to us.

In fact, it’s been a central tenet of our corporate mission at Lanz Inc. to be a local heating, cooling, air quality and plumbing company that has a positive impact beyond home services - and to encourage others in the community to join in so collectively we can make an even larger impact on more and more people everyday.

We’d like to share one way Lanz Inc. is working to give back - and we invite our customers, neighbors and fellow businesses of Urbana and Champaign County in Illinois to make an even bigger difference through their own contributions to this ongoing fundraiser which (spoiler alert) now involves motorcycles!

We’d like to introduce you to a wonderful organization called Lifeline Connect (please visit www.LifelineConnect.org to learn more about their recovery and learning center). For more than a decade, Lifeline Connect has worked to help men recover from the sometimes-lethal disease of addiction to opioids and/or alcohol. They rely on faith-based solutions to rebuild lives emotionally, socially and spiritually, with the absolute belief that there is no such thing as a lost cause.

Right now, Lifeline Connect has a facility here in Champaign County, Illinois, with capacity to house six men, but they’ve received approval to expand to a dormitory with the ability to accommodate 24 men - tripling the number of lives they can impact.

But financial support is needed to complete the expansion. See http://lifelineconnect.org/lc_newsletter-email_april-2018.

Lanz Inc. truly believes in the mission of this organization. Join us in our efforts to help end opioid addiction in our community.

  1. We have committed to providing all of the labor to install the plumbing and HVAC for the dormitory.
  2. Lanz has a fundraiser page set up for Lifeline Connect at https://www.mightycause.com/story/Lanzinc.
  3. On March 16, Lanz joined other Urbana and Champaign County partners to present a very special Recovery Blueprint 24 banquet and auction. (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/recovery-blueprint-24-tickets-42003087365#)
    We were able to raise some $134,000 to benefit Lifeline Connect’s dormitory expansion fund. Attendees were able to listen to life-changing stories from five amazing Lanz Inc. employees who are graduates of the Lifeline Connect program.
  4. On May 27, 2018, several Lifeline Connect staff and friends took off from Los Angeles on a 2,700-mile, four-day cross-country hog ride ending at the White House in Washington, D.C., raising some $100,000 toward the dorm project to benefit more central Illinois men in recovery from addiction. See Connecting Coast-to-Coast at http://lifelineconnect.org/recovery-conference.

Here’s where Lanz Inc. customers came in.

You cranked up your bikes and joined in the FUN(draiser) anywhere on the countrywide route! We even had an anonymous donor matched funds! The event was an amazing success!

Troy Lanz is the founder and president of Lanz Inc. and a big believer in the mission of Lifeline Connect.

“Our goal is to build the 24-man dorm to change lives and better our community by securing funding, materials and donations,” Troy said. “In addition, we are raising awareness for this epidemic by spreading the positive message, ‘there is no such thing as a lost cause.’”

About Lanz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing: Founded by HVAC contracting veteran Troy Lanz, in 2002, Lanz Inc. has grown in number of employees and in services offered to the homeowners and commercial businesses of Champaign County, Il. Lanz Inc. now employs more than 70 highly qualified professionals providing certified installations, repairs and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, air handlers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, indoor air quality control systems, ductless split systems and geothermal solutions, plus cleaning of drains, vents and air ducts. Ask about our Comfort Club. Please call Lanz Inc. at 1-800-AIR-REPAIR or 217-355-5512 and connect with Lanz Inc. on the web at www.LanzInc.com.

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Summertime Savings: How to Use Energy Wisely During the Hot Summer Months

Posted On July 31st, 2018 by Lanz HVAC

We all dread the same thing during the summer months-opening our energy bill.

Let’s make opening that envelope something we do with confidence! We have everything you need to know about saving money and reducing your energy use this summer! Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few extra bucks to spend on a family vacation instead?

Here are some tips to use energy more wisely for those incredibly hot summer weeks of July and August.

Enjoy the nighttime air.

Close windows during the day and keep them open at night to allow the cooler nighttime temperatures to keep your home cool naturally. Be sure to keep your air conditioner off while your windows remain open in the evenings.

Use a programmable thermostat.

Rather than having to remember to turn your air conditioner off each evening, consider installing a programmable thermostat to help regulate use throughout the day and while you sleep! During the day, keep your house as high as comfortably possible especially if you’re not home.  The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall heating, and cooling bill will be.

THE MAGIC NUMBER. Did you know there is a magic number for what your thermostat should be at during the summer months? The US Department of Energy recommends 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees C). Raise your thermostat up seven to ten degrees F while you are away, as long as you’re out for more than two hours at a time, and you can save up to 10 percent on cooling costs.

With a programmable thermostat, you can avoid discomfort by having your thermostat return to 78 degrees before you return home.

Shades are your friend.

We’re not talking about sunshades.  Close the blinds, shades, and drapes on the sunny sides of your house.  The sun shining through your windows produces more heat and increases the work for your air conditioning unit. This also increases your energy bill.

Consider installing ceiling fans.

Not only are ceiling fans aesthetically pleasing, but they also help you reduce energy use. According to Energy.Gov, ceiling fans cost 5 cents less per hour to operate and allow you to reduce your temperature by 4 degrees without a reduction in comfort.

Be the grill master.

Fire up the grill as much as possible this summer. Try to avoid using heat-generating appliances, like the stove or oven, or wait to use them until later in the evening.  This reduces the amount of work for your air conditioner and, in the end, reduces your spending!

Invest in being energy efficient.

Get that energy efficient stamp of approval by investing in energy efficient windows and appliances.  You will save money in the long run by reducing your spending, especially on your air conditioning bill during the summer months. Learn more about the energy-efficient cooling systems we offer at Lanz.

Sealing and caulking any gaps or leaks will also help you save up to 10% on your home heating and cooling costs.

Save energy and save money

Now you can open that energy bill with confidence knowing you’ve saved energy and saved money!

About Lanz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing: Founded by HVAC contracting veteran Troy Lanz of Urbana, Illinois, in 2002, Lanz Inc. has grown in number of employees and in services offered to the homeowners and commercial businesses of Champaign County, Il. Lanz Inc. now employs more than 50 highly qualified professionals providing certified installations, repairs and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, air handlers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, indoor air quality control systems, ductless split systems and geothermal solutions, plus cleaning of drains, vents and air ducts. Ask about our Comfort Club. Please call Lanz Inc. at 1-800-AIR-REPAIR or 217-355-5512 and connect with Lanz Inc. on the web at www.LanzInc.com.

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Keep Your Indoor HVAC System In Top Shape

Posted On July 31st, 2018 by Lanz HVAC

Before the late summer heat hits, it’s worth giving a good long do-it-yourself look at that vitally important indoor air conditioning and ventilation system - every component from the evaporator, blower and air handler to the ducts, wall intake, drainage hoses and floor registers.

Heed the advice of your local friendly HVAC experts from Lanz Heating and Cooling. Treat your home’s air conditioner or heat pump unit to some extra-careful attention and it should treat you to total in-home comfort the rest of this summer.

Check out our Top HVAC Tips to make sure your indoor air conditioning and ventilation system - also known as an evaporator - is ready to beat the heat:

1. Keep the path of airflow in your home’s ductwork clean and filtered.

It’s a smart year-round homeowner tip to replace (or clean, if it’s the reusable kind) the HVAC filter every couple of months - and even more often after the pollen-filled days of spring. This is a sure way to remove any dirt, fur, soot, and allergy-causing particles floating around the air you breathe. Just slide in a new clean air filter.

As an added bonus, a clean HVAC filter means a more efficient A/C system, which means lower energy bills, which means more summer fun.

Also, give a visual inspection to your A/C’s air intake vent, usually placed on a wall. Remove dust, cobwebs, and debris so it takes in plenty of clean air.

2. Make sure your condensate pan and drainage line are clear.

This is also a great tip you can use all year. Water from your inside evaporator coil can allow algae and mold to grow, eventually clogging the drain. The result is nasty odors, possible water damage and uncomfortably humid air in your home.

Step 1: About once a month, mix a cup of distilled vinegar or bleach liquid (not the gel, and nothing with harsh chemicals!) into 20 ounces of hot water.

Step 2: Turn OFF the electricity to the HVAC unit.

Step 3: Open the drain’s cover panel and pour.

The bleach kills all the bacteria, microbes and algae that may have built up in the drain pan. Your drainage pipes stay wide open and functional, making leaks less likely and allowing your A/C system to do its job of cooling and dehumidifying the air.

Which bleach? Just the regular kind - though our local expert from Lanz Heating and Cooling has a suggestion: “I always tell the homeowner to use lemon-scented bleach. Makes it smell pretty.”

3. Listen for any unusual sounds or noises.

Whirs, pings, thumps and bangs could indicate that your air comfort system’s motors and moving parts are wearing out, such as the fan, compressor or pump.

Experiment with your thermostat device by raising and lowering the desired temperature, and by switching the fan from “Auto” to “On” and back. Make sure the fan kicks on and turns off when it should, and make sure that when you set the temp lower than the outside temp, plenty of cool air is blasting out of all your home’s register vents.

As your HVAC system performs this test, listen closely - you might hear your home’s central air conditioning equipment trying to tell you something.

4. Take a tour of your home or office.

The amount of air being blown through each floor register should be the same throughout the entire house.

Ensure that all registers are installed and can open and close. Remove each register and stick a piece of rubber tubing into the vent. You should feel no blockage at all. Then replace the register.

If anything is amiss with your internal A/C unit - or if you just need total peace of mind - give us a call at 217-355-5512

We’ll stop by your residential or commercial property for a professional HVAC maintenance checkup of your home’s entire cooling and ventilation system.

When homeowners think about their home’s air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, they often think first about that huge block sitting out in the backyard (the condenser coil). But when you need to know your family will be cool and comfortable at home the rest of this summer, it’s also what’s on the inside that counts.

About Lanz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing: Founded by HVAC contracting veteran Troy Lanz of Urbana, Illinois, in 2002, Lanz Inc. has grown in number of employees and in services offered to the homeowners and commercial businesses of Champaign County, Il. Lanz Inc. now employs more than 50 highly qualified professionals providing certified installations, repairs and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, air handlers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, indoor air quality control systems, ductless split systems and geothermal solutions, plus cleaning of drains, vents and air ducts. Ask about our Comfort Club. Please call Lanz Inc. at 1-800-AIR-REPAIR or 217-355-5512 and connect with Lanz Inc. on the web at www.LanzInc.com.

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What you pay for... It's not a commodity.

Posted On September 24th, 2018 by Lanz HVAC

What is behind pricing in HVAC industry?

We get the question all the time.  “You’re charging me $300 for a part that I can get for half of that price on Amazon. Why shouldn’t I just buy the part online and pay the lower price?”

The easy answer is because we are in the “service industry”.

Consider this scenario... When you go to your dentist, the dentist charges you $500 for a filling. While you can buy that same filling on Amazon for $40, you probably aren’t too upset with the markup because you automatically understand that your dentist is providing a service, backed by training, licensure, education, and experience. 

Similarly, you go to a restaurant and pay $4 for a beverage that you could pay less than a dollar on your own.  Why go to the restaurant and pay more? Because you are paying for the service, the ambiance, the environment, NOT having to do the dishes, and everything else you see and love about that restaurant.

By the same token, companies like Lanz Heating & Cooling, Inc are a service-related business with licensed, trained technicians who provide services that are always covered by a warranty. As we all know, most people aren’t going to (successfully) fix their own air conditioning unit. So, while you may be able to buy a part online for a fraction of the price, it is advisable to pay the extra costs and hire a company you can trust to provide you with quality service.

Here’s what you REALLY pay for when you’re paying $300 for a part rather than $50 for that same part on Amazon:

Training of Technicians

No matter the industry, quality education and training costs money. Every year, each one of our technicians participates in more than 150 hours of training on top of updating and reviewing their certifications.  When we hire someone new, even if they have 10 years of experience, they go through a rigorous onboarding process that lasts two weeks.  This training, onboarding, and certification is critical to make sure all technicians are 100% up to date on consistent changes being made to brands and models of HVAC units.

While you may save a few bucks if you hire an unlicensed technician, you won’t be protected and can be left open to countless issues. Would you go see an unlicensed doctor? Would you use an unlicensed real estate agent? We make sure the people coming to your home are trained, licensed, and certified! Many competitors cut costs by hiring people and putting them in service vans right away, but not us.  This is what makes Lanz different.

Certified Warranty

Not only do we equip our technicians with the best training and resources possible, we also promise 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the work we do.  We are committed to providing the highest level of service and installation in the industry.

Peace of Mind

When you choose to call us for service, you are opening up your home to one of our technicians. We want to make sure that our people are fully vetted with background checks and references. We put our name on each technician’s shirt, and we don’t take that lightly. You open your home to us and we make sure each person is someone we trust to provide quality service, the first time.  From fully-stocked vehicles complete with necessary parts to vetted and trained technicians, we aim to provide customers with the best service possible, every time.

We strive to be a trusted advisor. We’ll never recommend anything you don’t need and any recommendations we make are the ones we feel are appropriate.   We generally provide two options: what you should do and what you could do.  This presentation works for our clients and provides options based on their budget.

What You Pay For

Although it may be enticing to pay the $50 for the part on Amazon, it does not come with the expertise, training, trust, and reliability of Lanz Heating and Cooling, Inc employees and technicians.  

We appreciate the trust you have in us and we take that seriously. We’ve got you covered!

About Lanz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing: Founded by HVAC contracting veteran Troy Lanz of Illinois, in 2002, Lanz Inc. has grown in number of employees and in services offered to the homeowners and commercial businesses of Champaign County, Il. Lanz Inc. now employs more than 75 highly qualified professionals providing certified installations, repairs and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, air handlers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, indoor air quality control systems, ductless split systems and geothermal solutions, plus cleaning of drains, vents and air ducts. Ask about our Comfort Club. Please call Lanz Inc. at 1-800-AIR-REPAIR or 217-355-5512 and connect with Lanz Inc. on the web at www.LanzInc.com.

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