Plumbing Matters: The Vital Importance of Professional Drain Cleaning

Posted On August 27th, 2019 by Lanz HVAC

Everything needed for your family’s comfort at home, courtesy of Lanz Inc. of Champaign County, IL - and that means the house’s plumbing, too! For maintenance, repairs or new plumbing installations in a home renovation, call the licensed plumbers at Lanz Inc. Our Plumbing Division has been keeping things running smooth since 2006.

We admit it: We’re proud of our company’s long history of outstanding plumbing services in Central Illinois. We do it all, from drain cleaning to pipe installation, for residential homes and commercial buildings, and we will make sure your comfort needs are completely taken care of, with honesty, integrity and absolute professionalism. That’s the Lanz way.

(Get more in-depth about all our plumbing services - and meet the head of our staff of experienced licensed plumbers - by checking out our July 2019 blogpost, “More Than HVAC: Lanz Fixes Your Plumbing, Too!” It’s at

So, Lanz Heating & Cooling also does Plumbing. But, of all the plumbing services we offer, drain cleaning may be the most vitally important to the health of your home’s plumbing system.

By definition, “plumbing” is the series of pipes connected together to convey water and wastewater into and out of a building. In that way, your home’s plumbing is somewhat like your body’s circulatory system: It distributes the good stuff and takes away the bad.

For everything to work like it should, all those arteries and veins (or pipes and drains) need to be clear. Any blockage could result in a highly unfortunate situation, maybe even an emergency.

(By the way, our 24/7 emergency plumbing and HVAC services are available by calling Lanz Inc. at 217-355-5512. See for details.)

Some of the risks of clogged or blocked drains and pipes:

  • Sinks, bathtubs, dishwashers and toilets could back up, bringing back whatever went down those drains.
  • Nasty odors and unpleasant smells could start wafting up from whatever’s clogging those drains.
  • Backups could cause water pressure to build up, causing a pipe to crack or burst at a rusty or weak spot.
  • Water can leak, drip or flood into bathrooms, kitchens and basements, causing irreversible damage and fostering the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • When the contents of a plumbing system spill into living areas, it’s a very unsanitary and unhealthy situation requiring immediate cleanup and repair.
  • It costs much more to repair or replace a dirty drain or busted pipe than it does to simply keep your plumbing system clean with regular drain cleaning maintenance.

The plumbers of Lanz Inc. clean drains like no one else. We’ve developed our own exclusive two-step process to thoroughly remove all the debris, mold and mildew buildup, hair, food, soap scum, solid waste, grease, grime, even tree roots - whatever’s blocking the drain and keeping things moving through the pipes.

Lanz’s exclusive Two-Step Drain Cleaning Process:

  1. Hydro-Jetting gets pipes and drains clean. We spray high-pressure jets of water throughout the entire pipe system to flush out all clogs and blockages.
  2. Bio-One keeps pipes and drains clean. We apply an industrial-strength liquid additive to all drains and pipes, forming a shield of bacteria which eat the debris that causes clogs and blockages, so your home’s plumbing stays clog-free.

As you can see, a proper professional drain cleaning treatment requires more than just Drano! Learn more about Lanz’s two-step drain cleaning procedure at

For the best Drain Cleaning services and all plumbing matters, Lanz Heating & Cooling Inc. of Champaign County, Illinois, is your local Plumbing expert. Please call us at 217- 355-5512, or set an appointment online through Lanz’s secure website at

Established in 2002, Lanz provides Drain Cleaning services to homeowners and businesses of Central Illinois, including Champaign, Douglas, Piatt, McLean, Iroquois, Ford and Vermilion County and the towns of Danville, Oakwood, Bondville, Pesotum, Savoy, Rantoul, Mahomet, Sidney, St. Joseph, Fisher and Gibson City, and our hometown city of Champaign-Urbana, IL.

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Value Added: The Impact of a New HVAC System When Buying or Selling a Home

Posted On August 13th, 2019 by Lanz HVAC

You’ve seen the signs all around town. We’re right in the middle of homebuying season here in Champaign County, IL. Whether you’re selling your home or checking out residential properties to buy in Central Illinois, chances are you’ve been thinking a whole lot about houses…and especially about what turns a house into a desirable home.

What about HVAC? What’s the impact of a new Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning system - whether it’s a home you’re putting a contract on, or a property you’re about to put on the market? How much value is added with the installation of a brand-new furnace and A/C?

The short answer: A lot! Because modern HVAC equipment is so energy-efficient, so reliable, so cost-effective compared to systems available just a decade or two ago, it really does pay sellers to invest in new heating and cooling units. Buyers want to see it, and sellers need to offer it.

Here are a few of the top reasons why there should be a new HVAC system in any home you’re buying or selling:

Earn maximum return. Homesellers: When those contracts come in, you want the offer amounts to be as high as possible, right? Then get your home into top shape. That means attending to the landscaping, doorways, windows, paint…and air comfort. A brand-new HVAC system is music to a realtor’s ears - your agent will enjoy showing it off, and prospective buyers will see it as a major positive.

Save a large expense. Homebuyers: You’re about to make what’s probably the biggest financial investment of your life. The last thing you want is to drop another few thousand dollars on a new heating and cooling system in a home you just bought. Having a new HVAC system brings greater peace-of-mind - not to mention comfort!

Go green. Whether selling your current home or buying your future home, green is the way to go. Multiple studies have demonstrated that today’s homebuyers are attracted to energy-saving homes, resulting in higher sales prices for homes with green, energy-efficient improvements. A 2012 study found an increase of 9% in price for homes with EnergyStar and GreenPoint appliances (such as HVAC); another in 2015 found a rise in value of 5.8% for homes with high-efficiency HVAC units.

Get an upgraded HVAC. Don’t just replace. Upgrade. Take advantage of the latest technology - improved A/C compressors, variable-speed blowers, programmable thermostats and more - to enhance your home’s overall value even more.

So, if you’re one of those folks with the For Sale signs around Champaign, Douglas, Piatt, McLean, Iroquois, Ford and Vermilion County, Illinois - or if you’re looking to become one of our neighbors here in the Champaign-Urbana IL area, from Danville to Rantoul and Pesotum to Farmer City - then please contact us at Lanz Inc. for top-notch residential HVAC, indoor air quality (IAQ) and plumbing services. We’ll inspect your A/C unit, air ducts, vents and all equipment, inside and outside, and present our best recommendations for maximizing your home’s value with a superior HVAC installation.

Please call Lanz Heating & Cooling Inc. of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, at 217-355-5512, or ask us a question at When buying or selling a home, we think you’ll agree that a new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning installation is totally worth it.

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