Air Duct Cleaning

Do You Want Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air?

Although everyone can benefit from cleaner indoor air, we’ve identified some key groups of people who typically benefit more.

Air Duct Cleaning


Infants and children are more susceptible to dust and other indoor air pollutants due to the amount of time they spend on or near the floor of your home. Quality Air Duct Cleaning, and a good quality air filter from Lanz can provide.

  • a fresh start for a newborn baby’s homecoming
  • healthier indoor air for children suffering with allergies
  • healthier indoor air for children suffering with asthma
Clean air for pets


Veterinarians often prescribe improving indoor air quality for their patients…and for the patient’s owners. Low to the ground and susceptible to allergens, pets benefit from cleaner, healthier air. Oddly enough, sometimes pets are allergic to their owners. Lanz Air Duct Cleaning can provide:

  • reduction of allergens
  • elimination of dander
  • elimination of pet hair
Clean air systems for Medical

Medical Patients

Clean air is imperative for those suffering from debilitating illnesses including cystic fibrosis, history of organ transplantation, those receiving chemotherapy agents, among others. Those who receive immunosuppressants are particularly prone to contract opportunistic infections caused by mold. Air Duct Cleaning from Lanz coupled with a quality air filter may assist these individuals by:

  • improving quality of air for breathing
  • decreasing presence of molds that can cause dangerous opportunistic infections
  • reducing allergens and bacteria that contribute to common illnesses
Pure air systems for the elderly

Elderly Residents

Poor air quality in the home can have a direct and adverse effect on senior citizens. Air Duct Cleaning from Lanz takes just 2 to 4 hours, yet can provide 3 to 5 years of cleaner air, as well as:

  • provide comfort
  • reduce allergens and bacteria that contribute to common illnesses
  • improved air quality which can decrease fatigue

The Lanz Air Duct Cleaning Method

The team at Lanz works to clean and restore your air ducts by using our high-power vacuum truck to remove dust, dirt and dander from the air you breathe.

Here are a few of the quality steps we take:

  • We enter your home wearing shoe protectors
  • We pull off all of the registers (supplies/returns)
  • We provide protection of wall corners
  • We take all of the dirt with us!

More Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning by Lanz

A by-product of air duct cleaning is less dust. We can’t guarantee it (due to unique aspects of your home), but a high percentage of Lanz customers notice dust reduction.

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